Our Parish

How to describe the Church of the Advent?  

Some would cite the warm fellowship experienced among many of our members, in spite of our numbers (over 3,600).  Others might think of the close relationships among our small groups, which meet each week for Bible study and prayer.  Yet others would certainly point to the rich and continued traditions of faithful preaching and teaching, or the superb music that enhances worship, or the extraordinary ministries for children and youth, or the commitment to serving the needs of others from Birmingham to Pakistan.

Many people in Birmingham would think of Lent at the Advent – we have offered a Lenten Preaching series every weekday during Lent for over one hundred years, featuring preachers from around the country and around the world; and our concurrent Episcopal Church Women’s Lenten Lunches program serves thousands of meals to raise money for Outreach and Missions.

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