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Advent Bible in a Year Blog: No Re-solutions!

Luke 13-14 Psalm 50 I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, if only for the simple fact that they are usually a recipe for ambivalence and disillusionment at best, and will often even tend towards disappointment and fantasy.  It is a fantasy to believe that I can look inside of myself and muster the inner … Read More

Advent Bible in a Year Blog: O Zion, That Bringest Good Tidings!

Luke 11-12 Psalm 48-49 Psalm 48 is a song by the Sons of Korah. We know from accounts in Chronicles that these sons of Korah were the ministers of music established by King David (1 Chronicles 6:31,32). Psalm 48 is a song of praise to God that he has made himself known in Jerusalem, on … Read More

Advent Bible in a Year Blog: Who Do You Say That I Am?

Luke 9-10 Psalm 46-47 Twice a year I lead a group of men from the church on a four day backpacking excursion.  It is the single greatest format for a men’s retreat that I have encountered, and it is my favorite thing I get to be a part of in ministry.  The pages of Scripture … Read More

Advent Bible in a Year Blog: Uncaged

Luke 7-8 Psalm 45 It seems as if Jesus can’t help himself. More often than not, he puts the fox among the hens. Just when we expect him to act in a certain way, he surprises us again with the unconventional and unsettling. In Chapter 14 of Luke’s gospel, for example, a large crowd follows … Read More

Advent Bible in a Year Blog: La Pêche Miraculeuse

Luke 5-6 Psalm 44 In the beginning of Luke chapter 5 we are offered a glimpse of what it means to truly follow Christ. Up to this point Jesus has met the needs of many by healing their various ailments. Now we find Jesus on the Sea of Galilee with his disciples, who have had … Read More

Advent Bible in a Year Blog: Wreath vs. Wrath?

Luke 3-4 Psalm 42-43 During this Christmas season you have probably placed money in the red Salvation Army kettle.  And in response, the bell ringer probably said – what?  “God bless you and have a merry Christmas.” But what if he said, “Flee from the wrath that is to come!”  It would be startling, an … Read More

Advent Bible in a Year Blog: A Marshmallow World

Luke 2 Psalm 41 On Christmas Day, this joyous day, the Word’s Incarnation and death’s long shadow are linked, hinged in the dark stable like the reality of God’s kingdom on the one hand and the fruit of our self-delusion on the other. Jesus was born, fully God and fully man, for one purpose only: … Read More

Advent Bible in a Year Blog: A Text of Terror

Judges 20-21 There is never an easy moment to turn to Judges 20-21. For there we encounter a Levite whose concubine is violated by a group of Benjaminites. Disturbingly, the Levite dismembers the concubine’s corpse to send to the other tribes of Israel as tokens bearing witness to his outrage. Part of the challenge of … Read More

Advent Bible in a Year Blog: Possible Impossibility

Luke 1 Psalm 40 Have you ever seen a great artist embellish his work with a flourish?  The best painters can mix colors and brushwork to depict beauty and truth on multiple levels.  An Olympic figure skater can land the most difficult axels with both technical skill and deceptive ease.  A jazz pianist starts improvising … Read More