Lenten Preaching and Lunches

Epilogue: 2016 Lenten Lunches
by Bethany Rushing


I’d like to offer a special word of thanks to this year’s chairs, Sidney Clapp and CeCe Martin (below). These women worked tirelessly, motivating those around them and always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of this work: to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to a world longing to be filled up – body and soul!

One by-product of Lenten Lunches is that all proceeds go to support Mission & Outreach. This year, our chairs have chosen to support organizations that minister to women in crisis. $54,500 will be divided between two ministries, Horizons International and WellHouse Ministries. These one-time gifts will support the women’s discipleship efforts of Horizons, working with refugees in Beirut, Lebanon, and the recovery efforts of WellHouse, working with trafficking victims in Birmingham, Alabama.

Many of you may be experiencing a “Post-Service Slump.” When service within community becomes part of your regular routine, being without it can feel lousy. To remain in fellowship during the week, Sidney, CeCe, and I would love to invite you to the Thursday morning Praise Service at 8:30 a.m. in the Nave, or, reach out to me for other service suggestions (Bethany@CathedralAdvent.com).

Also, 2017 Lenten Lunches will be here before you know it. Please join me in praying for next year’s chairs, Anne Lynn Langloh and Theresa Gregory.

–  Bethany


The Advent has offered a Lenten Preaching series every weekday during Lent for over one hundred years, featuring preachers from around the country and around the world; and our concurrent Episcopal Church Women’s Lenten Lunches program serves thousands of meals to raise money for Outreach and Missions.


Cece Martin and Sidney Clapp were our 2016 Lenten Lunch Chairs,
shown here with Canon Deborah Leighton and Dean Andrew Pearson


Audio of Lenten Preaching is here.

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