The Writing Group recently celebrated Dick Shepard’s 90th birthday at Cranmer House:

dick shepard 90th group

(Dick’s the guy in the burgundy windbreaker!)


We have unique opportunities for fellowship, service and spiritual growth through the Advent Seniors Ministry, open to Advent parishioners age 60 and older.

Through a variety of activities, our older parishioners share their special gifts while meeting the needs of others in our church family.

Maintaining a strong church connection can become more difficult as we grow older, so the Seniors Ministry provides a means of strengthening that connection and promoting a spirited sense of community. You may find us sacking lunches for the homeless, or attending a speaker event in Clingman Commons.

The Friday Feast group travels to nearby restaurants to sample a variety of cuisine.

Fellowship in the Pines offers a sense of community for our parishioners living on campus at St. Martin’s in the Pines.

We welcome and encourage all who are interested in serving in this ministry or simply wish to attend any of our events, contact Senior’s Ministry Lay Director:  Katherine Kilpatrick, 443-8559.

Other contacts:

Pastoral Care Administrative Assistant: Robin Turner, 226-3500

Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling: Canon Craig Smalley, 226-3511