Joining the Advent

Sandy Bowron Blalock Newcomer Coordinator

Sandy Bowron Blalock
Newcomer Coordinator


Contact our Newcomer Coordinator Sandy Bowron Blalock (226-3519), or our Membership Secretary Eva Beard (226-3510) and ask to have your letter of membership transferred from your most recent Episcopal Parish.

Confirmation is the formal sacramental way of joining the Episcopal Church from another denomination (such as Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.). It is available when the Bishop visits each year in May. We encourage you to attend the Newcomer preparatory classes first.

Reception involves coming from the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Churches, and some Lutheran denominations; and again you are encouraged to attend the Newcomer’s classes and go through the formal ceremony in May.

Baptism is the sacrament through which we first enter the Christian family. Baptism is always available for unbaptized persons of any age. Contact any clergy member for arrangements.

If you are considering Confirmation, looking for a church home, or interested in transferring from another church, we encourage you to join us in the Inquirers Class. This class meets during the Sunday School hour from 10:05 A.M. – 10: 50 A.M. in the Church Living Room.